Mr Hsu Fu Hua finds the style of consumtption and the infomation of living are variable, so he break the traditional opinion for eating, and he setup a new “ consciousness for eating”. As this idea, he makes a reformation in the civilization of eating and establishes the “KU-LIN TEPPAN-YAKI”.

Till today, KU-LIN TEPPAN YAKI has 20 over branches in
Taiwan and has many concerned enterprise. The style of his arrangement is almost the leader in Taiwan F&B market.

創始人 徐赴華先生發展了鐵板燒的美食風格 他認為高檔鐵板燒是可以改變的 所以他打破了傳統鐵板燒的做法 而設置一個新的鐵板燒概念。

因此谷林鐵板燒在八零年代誕生了 直到今天谷林鐵板燒還是同業競相模仿的對象 因為他的風格和堅持所以谷林鐵板燒到現在還是市場中的佼佼者。

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